14-Year-Old Jasmine Wows Judges With Her Remake Of A Cher Classic.

Everyone knows Simon Cowell isn’t one to mince words when he assesses new talent on the many talent competitions he’s judged over the years. Which is why it’s so impressive when he sees something he likes. This year’s season of “Britain’s Got Talent” is about to enter a new phase with the final auditions. And as the audition part of the season comes to a close, some people had the idea that the show was running out of talent. But they were proven wrong when up to the stage stepped 14-year-old Jasmine Elcock…

Jasmine chooses to sing Cher’s classic “Believe.” But she does it in her own way. She slows down the tempo and turns it into a ballad, which makes the lyrics stronger and more emotional. And it doesn’t take long before the judges and the audience realize the 14-year-old’s greatness. As she approaches the chorus, judge Simon Cowell gives a look that clearly says, “Wow! This girl is amazing!”

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