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17-Year-Old Shakes With Nervousness. But When She Opens Her Mouth? I’m Awestruck.

For her whole life, Louisa Johnson has poured her heart into singing. The 17-year-old, who comes from Essex, England, sings at home constantly, but it’s quite another thing to stand on “The X Factor” stage in front of the show’s seasoned judges and let them see her full potential. At first, Louisa has difficulty controlling her nerves, and it shows. To help her deal with the pressure, the judges give her a tip: “Before you perform, just take some deep breaths.” And perhaps it was this tip that got Louisa to relax and give the incredible performance she gave. Louisa’s unprecedented interpretation of the Jackson 5’s “Who’s Lovin’ You?” left the judges, the audience—and me—speechless in our admiration for her. It’s difficult to watch her performance without being moved—I mean, just wait until you hear her hit the high note at 3:12! Louisa deserved that standing ovation at the end, no doubt about! What a singer!

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