4 Soldiers Grab Guitars And Deliver An Amazing Version Of An American Classic.

Six-String Soldiers is a four-piece band consisting of members John LaMirande, Glenn Robertson, Tom Lindsey, and Brandon Boron. The men are all members of the US Army who share a love for American folk tunes and their role as musical ambassadors. In addition to interpreting popular American classics, the soldiers share their experiences and stories as US Army soldiers with audiences wherever they go. When I heard the group’s rendition of the American classic “This Land is Your Land,” I have to admit, it gave me goosebumps! There’s just something special about the spirit of these soldiers that really hits home.  See for yourself below!

Four-piece band Six-String Soldiers plays American folk music, but with a twist. The band focuses on audience interaction and also shares its members’ stories and experiences as American soldiers. The guys are currently touring the United States, where they are playing at the smallest, most intimate venues, the busiest public places, street festivals, and music festivals across the United States.

In this video, the Six-String Soldiers sings the American classic “This Land is Your Land.” These talented soldiers can do it all. They walk the streets, play their instruments, and sing in tight harmonies—all without missing a note!

Warning: their performance will induce goosbumps!

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