6-year-old girl nails “Over the Rainbow” and brings the judges to tears

There aren’t many young boys and girls who really know what they want to do when they grow up. But Connie Talbot already has her entire future mapped out.

In 2007, she was six years old and appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” to perform the “Wizard of Oz” classic “Over the Rainbow.”

Lead judge Simon Cowell didn’t really know what to expect and was initially somewhat skeptical. But when Connie opened her mouth, he and the rest of the judges must have had goose bumps.

With her beautiful, delicate voice, the young singer brought judge Amanda Holden to tears—and after Connie was done, Simon Cowell said that he thought she was simply amazing.

Check out Connie’s performance below—and make sure to have some tissues on hand.

Connie starts singing at the 1:45 mark.

I couldn’t hold back the tears. Please share this clip so more people can discover this amazingly talented singer!

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