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9-Year-Old Breaks Down In Tears During His Audition. But When He Starts Over, He Shocks The Jury With His Voice.

When 9-year-old Malakai Paul got up on stage to audition on popular television talent show Britain’s Got Talent, he could barely speak he was so nervous. He’s given his cue to begin, and does – rather quietly, however. The boy is obviously battling with some intense stage fright. Then – a moment breaks the entire audience’s – and jury’s heart. Malakai breaks into tears, his nervousness overcoming him completely. His mother is thankfully close by, and she and one of the members of the jury, run up on stage to comfort him. The jury ask Malakai if he prefers to cancel and go home – but the brave boy says no, “I want to sing.” With support from his mother looking on from backstage, he takes a deep breath, gathers all his courage, and begins again. This time, he sounds even better than the first. And the proof is in the audience’s reaction. By the time Malakai is done, everyone is on their feet. And at last, he cracks his first smile.

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