Adopted Teen Gets Standing Ovation On ”America’s Got Talent” With Song For His Birth Mom.

Sometimes performers burst into tears mid-song and struggle to finish singing. Other times, the tears help them soar even higher.

When we in the audience experience such onstage emotion, it’s difficult to forget. And this is what happened for me when 14-year-old Campbell Walker Fields played piano and sang on “America’s Got Talent.”

This gifted teen only had one goal in mind when he sang his song: make sure his mom could hear what he had to say to her.

Fourteen-year-old Campbell was given up at birth because his mother couldn’t afford to keep him. Fortunately, he was adopted by two loving fathers. But growing up was tough—Campbell was bullied by his classmates because of his family structure.

Campbell has never met his mother—he doesn’t even know where she is—but it’s impossible not to see what he feels for her.

Check out Campbell’s impressive performance below and watch the entire audience stand up and applaud him!

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