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Adorable Twin Baby Girls Dance To Irish Music.

These adorable twin baby girls aren’t yet old enough to walk, but that doesn’t stop them from showing off their sweet Irish dance moves.

Like most babies, these twins have a ball when their parents put them in their jumping seats. And it’s a blast for their parents, too, because who doesn’t love watching their darling babies bounce with joy?

But just when you thought bouncing babies couldn’t be any cuter, the girls’ parents found a way to turn up the laughter to 11. Noticing their daughters were especially light on their feet, the couple had a moment of inspiration. They taped a particularly cute bounce session, sped up the video, and set it to an Irish dance tune.

The result is a hilarious display of some of the finest Irish footwork you’ve even seen from anyone under under the age of, well, 100. And since their parents preserved the moment for all to see, these girls will be able to treasure this moment in their lovely childhood for the rest of their lives.

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