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Bullied Kid Dances On “Britain’s Got Talent” And Leaves Judges Completely Stunned!

He may be only 14 years old, but Jack Higgins has already taken some pretty heavy punches from life. The teenager has endured years of bullying for daring to pour his heart into something his peers sneer at. It’s Jack’s dream to become a professional dancer.

The other boys at Jack’s school have no idea why he would be interested in dance. They tell him that ballet is for girls and that he should be playing soccer instead. But Jack doesn’t let it get to him and devotes his time to perfecting the athleticism and discipline of his craft.

And when Jack auditioned for “Britain’s Got Talent,” the nine years that he dedicated to dance as his classmates bullied him finally paid off. Jack performed a emotional ballet routine that left the judges in awe.

But even the emotion Jack put into his dance didn’t match the moment when he broke down while sharing his experience of being bullied. The visibly moved crowd stood in support for the dancer and Simon Cowell added, “You know the one thing bullies don’t like?” He says. “They don’t like it when you do well.”

And with that Jack was on to the next round.

See the heartwarming video below!

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