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Crowd Cheers When Big Sister Starts Singing. But When The Younger One Opens Her Mouth? Wow!

There are amazing child vocalists out there, and I’m sure you’ve heard a few. I myself have seen little powerhouses belt out everything from a capella numbers that brought tears to my eyes showstoppers in front of big bands. And when you close your eyes and just listen, a lot of these singers are as powerful as any adult.

But these girls are unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

Remember to hold your jaw—because you’re going to drop it when you see these two sisters perform!

When Ukrainian sisters Victoria and Anastasia Petryk go onstage, you can’t help but notice their matching look, with their long, blonde hair, and white dresses. But the similarities become even more incredible when they sing. They are both incredibly gifted singers.

The sisters’ version of “Without You,” as performed by Mariah Carey, leaves the audience with their jaws dropped to the floor. Their voices are that good!

Check out the video and prepare to feel shivers from head to toe!

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