Dancers look like they’re floating across the stage in this beautiful folk dance

These 16 young women perform a dance unlike anything you’ve seen before. It really looks like they’re floating! Watch the video below and you’ll understand what I mean.

From the start, you can tell this is going to be something special. The 16 dancers look almost otherworldly in their traditional Russian dresses. Then, they start floating across the floor and the audience is hooked.

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Because the girls’ dresses cover their feet, you can’t see how they manage to float across the stage. But it takes a lot of practice to be this graceful. The girls have to dance on their toes the whole time!

The dancers are from one of Russia’s best dance troupes, and in order to pull off this kind of demanding choreography, they practice for many hours every day.

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The girls dance to a Russian folk song called “In a field stood a little birch tree.” It was written to accompany circle dances like this one. But I can’t imagine that it has ever been danced to as well as here.

Watch the video below and see how easy they make it look!

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