Elvis Presley’s private flight from 1962 is for sale – and the gorgeous interior is amazing

Elvis Presley was not only famous for his amazing music career and unique voice that blew away millions around the world.

He also had a keen eye for food and fashion (blue suede shoes, anyone?).

But what not everyone might be aware of is that the rock legend also seemed to have magic fingers when it came to interior decor. This is well exemplified by the King of Rock’s iconic privately-owned jet plane.

Elvis purchased his own aircraft in 1962 – and saw that it be custom designed to suit him personally.

A look inside and you immediately observe the beautiful wooden panels, carpet and red velvet chairs. Elvis owned the aircraft, a Lockheed Jetstar model, for over 35 years, but it was abandoned when he died in 1977. Since then, it has been on a road in Roswell, New Mexico, USA, converted into a tourist attraction

But after all these years, the plane has finally been auctioned off – and an Elvis fan has at last made it their own at a healthy cost of $430,000, at a California auction.

Have a close look at it below.

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When the plane first lifted above the clouds, Elvis was sharing it with his father, Vernon Presley.

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After Elvis’ death, the plane has remained in a special spot in New Mexico for over 30 years. If you take a good look at the plane’s exterior, you can see that its red color is rather washed out. Still, for its age, the plane is in pretty good condition.

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Take a look at the inside… Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind taking a long flight on this aircraft. It’s exactly how I would have imagined the King of Rock’s style to look like.

The walls are covered with wooden panels and the chairs are covered in soft red velvet.

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A ‘high-tech’ tv is of course installed. The plane is mostly made up of one single large room.

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The seats look very comfortable and there is plenty of room for guests. Behind the main room is a small kitchen.

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Just take a look at the microwave. It probably doesn’t work anymore after all these years. At the same time, imagine Elvis walking out of his armchair, going to the kitchen to spread a classic Elvis sandwich, famously made up of peanut butter, mayonnaise, crispy bacon and banana – and then heating it in the microwave. Rock History!

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Take a look at the bathroom! More velvet, of course, and luxurious sink. Compare this with the tight spaces offered on charter flights…

Not bad at all right? I’m so glad I got this sneak peak into Elvis’ ultimate traveling style.

The plane has now been auctioned out for nearly USD $500,000. 

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