Goosebumps: You’ve never heard the 1941 classic sung like this – guaranteed

Christmas is already around the corner, and along with Christmas comes our beloved favorite holiday tunes and jingles.

If you’re a true Christmas enthusiast, you may already have begun to listen to some of your favorite Christmas songs. If you haven’t that’s fine – but I suggest you get a head start anyway by listening to this incredible interpretation of “Little Drummer Boy” (one of my alltime favorite classics for sure!). In this video, the 1941 classic is sung a capella, that is, without a single instrument. The result? Goosebumps.

Behind the beautiful performance is a capella band Pentatonix, who have been growing in popularity in recent months. In fact, their stunning interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah managed to gather millions of YouTube views in no time at all, becoming an international viral sensation.

Is this most recent hit a new sensation? I think so – it already has over 90 million views on YouTube after all ! Have a listen to the astounding hit for yourself below.

Please share this performance further for more music lovers to have a chance to hear their beautiful interpretation this Christmas season!

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