Josh Turner's sons take to stage and win whole internet's heart with sweet song choice

Josh Turner’s sons take to stage and win whole internet’s heart with sweet song choice

Superstardom is sometimes linked to drugs and general debauchery. Some stars can’t handle all the limelight and turn to a life of drugs and extreme thrill seeking, among other unhealthy leanings.

But this isn’t always the case — nor does it have to be. Some superstars, such as country megastar Josh Turner, continue to live their lives with wonderful values and steer clear of harmful temptations.

Indeed, despite his fame and fortune, Josh has remained true to his Christian roots. He is known to be a man of God as well as a devoted husband and father of four boys: Hampton, Colby, Marion and Hawke.

During a recent family-friendly gospel performance, his four boys lined up on stage and proved that they could hold their own, just like daddy does.

Josh Turner and his family attend church regularly, often singing gospels all together. So when the occasion rose for them to record a gospel album at the Gaither Studios in Alexandria, Indiana, they didn’t hesitate.


The album, “I serve A Savior” couldn’t be more representative of Josh and his family. And his sons proved that they’re just as talented as dad!


A Unique Performance

Loads of fans attended the recording to the Turner boys sing onstage. The boys were not used to such a large outpouring of support and certainly could relate to dad after that!

Nevertheless, all four boys performed exceptionally well, especially when they took to the stage and sang a sweet rendition of River of Happiness. They are their daddy’s sons after all!


Watch their sweet performance below.

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