Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s Lip Synch Duet In The Car Perfectly Shows Their Love For Each Other.

Having a partner to share your life with is a fantastic feeling. Sure, other people might not always understand you and your special someone, but that’s also the thrill of it—to have those eyes, those jokes, and that laughter that are meant for the two of you alone. Delighting in those private moments is like proof that a couple is still crazy in love after all these years. So when I saw this clip of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, I was delighted. They’re just acting silly in their car and lip synching to one of Keith Urban’s songs—but it’s heartwarming to see how much they really love each other. And It’s also a wonderful sight to see celebrities when they aren’t all dressed up and smiling in front of a paparazzi, but just relaxing and being themselves in everyday life just like anybody else. The song they perform is Keith Urban’s new song, “The Fighter,” which is actually a duet with Carrie Underwood—check it out!

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