Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix make everyone teary-eyed singing moving version of beloved Christmas classic

The holiday season involves much warmth, love and naturally, gift-giving. But there’s another component we might not immediately think about — the music.

Christmas classics abound around this time of year, many of them bringing us back to our childhood. Artists constantly create new versions of old classics, sprucing them up or coming with clever, new twists.

This version of “My Grown Up Christmas List”, performed by super star Kelly Clarkson and the famed group Pentatonix left me so impressed, I’ve been sharing it with my loved ones all day.

Kelly Clarkson, who now has a family of her own, says she understands what Christmas is truly about more than ever before: spending time with the people we love.

Her rendition of “My Grown Up Christmas List” alongside Pentatonix reminds us exactly about that.


The Christmas song, originally composed in the 1990s by David Foster and Linda Thompson Jenner, was a huge hit.

Kelly Clarkson brought the famed song back to popularity in 2003, with a magical performance during a special Christmas episode of American Idol.

Now she has gathered with popular acappella group Pentatonix for another divine performance.


Watch their stunning rendition below.

Did you just love this interpretation, too? Share it with all your family and friends during the holiday season!