Man travels the world teaching strangers 1 dance – now look when they turn around

While language and culture can sometimes create barriers between people from around the world, there’s something that breaks all boundaries – dance.

It doesn’t matter who people are, where they’re from, or what language they speak – an irresistible dance can bring them together, as well as bring out their warmth, love, and humanity.

A perfect example of this is a project that a young guy named Matt Bray created. Matt calls the project ProjectOneLife, and it shows, once and for all, how dance can connect people in the most amazing way.

On a 10,000-mile journey, Matt met 100 people from around the world and taught them each the same dance routine, a routine he created himself.

In city after city, and from small town to small town, Matt filmed a few strangers at a time as they joyously performed his dance. And when he finally had 100 people on film, Matt locked himself in an editing room and put the footage together into one upbeat compilation.

There’s so much love, so much joy, and such a sense of community in this video. The result will really put a smile on your face!

In a world full of injustice, hatred, and contradictions, there’s one thing that always brings people together – dance.

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