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Nervous 19-Year-Old’s Song To His Secret Crush Gives The Judges Goosebumps.

Nineteen-year-old college student Ryan O’Shaughnessy is a songwriter who’s had a secret crush on a girl for the past several years. But Ryan has always been too shy to talk about his feelings. Instead, he wrote a song about his love, and to make it extra special, he performed it on “Britain’s Got Talent.” When the judges, who are obviously curious, ask Ryan who the girl is, Ryan clams up. But when Ryan lets the music speak, he reveals his true voice…

Ryan says he writes his own music and lyrics, because they give his voice a deeper and more personal touch. And I certainly agree. His voice is glorious, his guitar playing is brilliant, and his lyrics go straight to the heart of everyone who hears them.

The judges give Ryan the highest rating, and it’s hard to disagree with Simon and the gang… Ryan sure is good, isn’t he?

Please share Ryan’s audition if you hope he wins the heart of his secret crush!

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