Nervous 34-year-old can’t stop shaking – but watch him honor his grandma and bring the judges to tears

Thirty-four-year-old Christopher Maloney was keen to participate in The X Factor UK, but people close to him said he’d never make it and he’d make a fool of himself if he went on the show.

Still, Christopher did have two people in his life who believed in him: his grandmother and grandfather.

It took the Liverpool native a full five years before he even dared apply to audition. But after his grandfather passed away, Christopher realized that life is too short to wait not to try.

Christopher moved in with his grandmother to help her out, and through her inspiration, the singer found the courage and confidence to audition for The X Factor UK.

Once on stage, however, Christopher was so nervous that he could barely hold the microphone.

Somehow, Christopher managed to muster the courage and to sing, though. And he chose Bette Midler’s “The Rose” in honor of both his grandmother and grandfather.

As soon as Christopher sang the first note, the look on the judges’ face shows that they instantly knew how special this performance was going to be…

Christopher really proves that anything is possible—you just have to have courage and someone who believes in you.

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