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Peter Hollen’s Christmas classic “Carol of the Bells” goes straight to the heart

It’s already almost Christmas! For each and everyone one of us, Christmas evokes a different feeling. For me Christmas evokes a deep feeling of coziness, love, family, filled with baked goods, bright lights, and of course Christmas cheer. I believe it truly is the “most wonderful time of the year.”

One thing that certainly helps elevate all of the above is Christmas music. It really helps to set the tone and defines Christmas in a very important way. Just like smells, places and of course, people, music helps bring us back to familiar sensations and times in our lives. It can be so powerful it can make a person laugh, or cry.

The below video introduces us to Peter Hollen & Friends and his magical performance of “Carol of the Bells”. The extraordinary interpretation is performed entirely a capella – that is, without a single instrument. 300 singers join for the powerful performance and the video, which was released just a few days ago has already had over 350,000 views. I can certainly understand why.

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