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Pizza Delivery Boy Prepares To Sing An Old Gem. But When He Opens His Mouth, The Jury Can’t Believe Its Ears.

Sal Valentina Tinetti appears to be a regular 20-year-old guy from Long Island in New York, who works as a pizza delivery guy. But when he recently stepped foot onstage popular tv program America’s Got Talent, he proved to be much more. Dressed simply in black, the charming, Italian boy had all judges smiling before even starting his performance. Inspired by his grandma, music has always been a part of his life. He promised the judges top entertainment… and truly delivered! But not only did Sal prove he is very charismatic and a real force to reckon with, he showed what an old soul he was. Choosing Sinatra’s classic gem, “My Way”, might seem like an unlikely choice for a 20-something year old. But Sal absorbed the song’s spirit. I think he would have made Sinatra very proud! Obviously, this performance blew me away – what do you think? Leave your comments on our Facebook page!  

Sal even got a standing ovation for his heartfelt performance – before even finishing the song! Have a watch below.

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