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She Says With Confidence “I’m Fat”, But She Dances Like A Swan.

“Obviously I’m a bigger lady” she said as an introduction. Meet Emma Haslam. A mother who became a true inspiration to millions of people around the world when she stepped on the stage with a heart full of passion, and a personality saturated of courage knowing that she will be prejudged, especially by Simon Cowell who’s known for his acidulous comments and remarks. During her performance Emma looked professional , and incredibly calm. Swinging elegantly on the pole stealing everybody’s attention. However, her astonishing performance hasn’t protected her from being under  barrage of hatred  and rejection dues to her physique saying that woman with her “body size” is not meant to be on stage. Unique individuals like Emma should be on the front page of every newspaper and on the front of every magazine since hard working people like them teach us how to face hardships daily hardships to reach our goals and dreams. Enjoy this amazing performance in the video below.

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