She performs opera on live TV – the jury’s next words make her break down in tears

She was first discovered by her mother when she was in the garden and sang while playing on trees. Together they started practicing every afternoon – and eventually, 13-year-old Paris Morgan decided it was time to test her luck and talent out on popular talent show “Australia’s Got Talent.”

Her genre of choice? Opera. It seems like a mission impossible for a youth who still wears braces and goes to school. Both the jury and the audience had no idea what to expect when the girl set foot on stage. 

But as soon as she sings the very first note, it is clear that this is her destiny in life. She has passion, a powerful voice, and certainly charisma.

Following her performance, tears stream down her face as she takes in the jury’s praise and hears the crowd’s thunderous applause.

I though this was just such a sweet performance! Check it out below!

The performance begins at approximately one and a half minute into the clip.

Wow, what talent! Share if you also want to hear more of 13-year-old Paris Morgan and agree her voice is just incomparable.

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