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Singer’s Emotional Performance Brings Tears To Howie Mandel’s Eyes.

Recently, he sang Queen’s “Somebody To Love” and left the judges, the audience, and certainly the viewers at home breathless. And now Brian Justin Crum has done it again—and the question is whether this performance is even stronger.

Things are starting to heat up on “America’s Got Talent.” Now that the auditions are over, the judges are getting tougher for the contestants to impress. And especially judge Howie Mandel, though even he can be won over with an emotional performance.

As soon as Crum starts his emotional version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” he has the judges wrapped around his little finger. He starts starts tender and delicate, but just wait until he gets to the chorus—it doesn’t get better than this!

There’s still a lot of time left in this year’s competition, but I’m sure this performance will end up on best-of lists when the season is over.

Watch Crum’s performance and Howie Mandel tear up in the clip below.

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