Singers Cover Adele Song While Showing Off Their Impressive Patty-Cake Skills.

As we grow up, most of us forget how to have fun like we did when we were kids. But how much was playing simple games like hop-scotch, jump rope, and even patty-cake?

They all take a certain level of skill to make them fun, and they’re perfect games for kids growing into their bodies. But what if we never stopped playing children’s games all these years? Sure, some people might laugh, but how awesome would we be with 20 or more years of patty-cake experience under our belts?

Well, I don’t know if these four talented singers have gotten together on the playground over the years, but they certainly have the patty-cake skills to match their professional voices.

The a capella group sings a cover of the Adele hit “Send My Love” and accompanies themselves with the best hand-slapping action I’ve ever seen from anyone over the age of, say, eight.

The whole thing has a childlike sense of joy to it. And I can’t help but smile watching them sing, “Don’t you know we ain’t kids no more?” while still looking like they’re kids at heart.

The video has already racked up more than 4 million views, and when you listen to this infectious performance, you’ll see why! Check it out below:

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