Street performer calls woman from the audience – then she shocks everyone with her voice

There really is something magical about music.

Music can bring people from different cultures, different backgrounds and from all over the world together.

And perhaps the most authentic musical experience can be found in our streets – when artists sometimes stand around and share their beautiful talents with the public. 

The video below was filmed on a street in Brussels, where a street musician attracted a large crowd of fascinated listeners. He begins to perform Bob Marley’s classic “Three Little Birds”.

And he does a great job indeed. But it’s not until a spectator from the audience grabs the mic from him that things really take a turn. The stranger really steals the show!

Have a look for yourself below.

Agree that this stranger is fantastically talented?

Music can really provide pure joy – I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Please share this lovely scene further if you think more should see this performance!

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