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Susan Boyle leaves audience speechless with her magical rendition of “O Holy Night”

Personally, I associate Christmas with food, wonderful decor, and of course, the music. And music really is a powerful vessel that can transport us to different times of our lives, places… and even emotions.
That’s why Christmas songs can be so powerful and emotional for many of us. “O Holy Night” is a classic I especially hold close to heart.
And popular British singer Susan Boyle just made it all the more special for me! Have a listen for yourself below. 

Susan Boyle enchanted the whole world when she won Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. Although this is seven years ago already, her voice continues to enrich our world. 

If you, like me, think that Christmas music is an important part of the Christmas spirit, then Susan Boyle may have just given you a real taste of it! I am looking forward to sharing her beautiful rendition with my loved ones.

And remember – Christmas should be celebrated with our hearts, not with our wallets.

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