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Tattooed Singer Blows The Judges’ Minds With Romantic Song On “The Voice Australia.”

As much as we try not to judge a book by its cover, somehow, we can’t help ourselves. We see a biker and create a rough-and-tumble personality for the guy before he opens his mouth, and we see a sweet-looking grandmother and are surprised to find out see’s tough as nails… Singer Matthew Garwood from Australia is another person who defies expectation. When the heavily tattooed singer appears onstage to audition for “The Voice Australia,” he looks like he’s ready to sing a hard rock or heavy metal song. And while that would certainly fit his style, Matthew chooses a ballad from “The Phantom of the Opera.” You can see in the audience members’ faces that they’re pretty surprised to hear someone who looks like that sing such a romantic song. The judges, on the other hand, have the opposite situation. Hearing that sweet and soaring musical theater voice, they’re probably picturing a cast member from the TV show “Glee” onstage. But when they turn around, the judges are also in for a shock. See their reactions and Matthew’s soaring, romantic performance below:

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