The Song Has Crushed Dreams, But This Student Takes A Chance And The Jury Is Blown Away.

He is an ordinary student from Kentucky who long dreamt of an artist’s career, but he is not alone. Many have already stood on the stage of The Voice, and many dreams have been shattered. So when Jordan Smith attempts Sia’s “Chandelier” there are naturally doubts. It’s a difficult song that has ended dreams. The jury is skeptical. On last year’s Idol, a girl had just been eliminated after choosing that particular song. It’s known to simply be technically too difficult. Few can manage to sing it — but it turns out, Jordan is one of them. When he grasbs the microphone, the jury has no idea what hit them — they’re completely blown away. Now the clip of the student’s performance has spread to several parts of the world and Newsner joins in the chorus of praise – this guy is amazing!

Student Jordan Smith, from Harlan, Kentucky, thought it was time to try to impress the tough jury of The Voice.

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When the song is over, shocked jury member Gwen Stefani ran toward Jordan. She wanted to hug and thank him!

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When Jordan begins to sing, the jury has a hard time believing what they’re hearing.

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They thought that Jordan was just one in the crowd.

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The jury did not quite know what to expect.

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He decided to sing Sia’s super popular “Chandelier”, not exactly an easy song.

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This is Jordan’s brilliant performance, which is currently spreading like wildfire across the internet. Listen and enjoy!

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