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They Say The Song Is ”Impossible”, But He Dazzles Them All. Now Millions Are Impressed By His Amazing Voice.

Few songs are as classic as “I Will Always Love You”, and the song has been performed in several different versions by both famous and unknown musicians. But it is not for nothing that it is called an “impossible” song. The original was written by Dolly Parton, but became an international hit song when Whitney Houston performed it in the movie “Bodyguard”. With all that in mind, I always get a little worried when I hear than an amateur’s gonna perform it. I simply want to preserve that feeling I had when I first listened to it. Lin Yu-Chun became famous when he participated in the Taiwanese talent show “One Million Star”. He performed “I Will Always Love You” to celebrate his Grandma who took care of him when he was a child. Later, he was voted out of the competition. But his performance was published online and has now received over 10 million views. It’s not strange: Lin Yu-Chun have no problems whatsoever to do justice to the song. His version is amazing and when he reaches chorus I just close my eyes and enjoy.

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