This 18-Year-Old Has Stuttered His Entire Life. But When He Sings, The Jury Cannot Believe Their Ears. What A Voice!

18-year-old Harrison Craig from Melbourne, Australia, has stuttered ever since he could talk. But when he sings, the words amazingly come pouring out. He tested out his big dream of becoming a singer on Australia’s “The Voice”. His mother and little brother watch nervously as Harrison’s steps up on stage. They have little reason to be nervous for long. The 18-year-old soon owns the stage with a heartfelt performance and shocks the entire jury. The entire clip is worth watching, but make sure you watch when he goes up on stage at about 2:30min into the clip. Keep track after 3:55min, too, when Harrison’s adorable younger brother can not keep the tears back. I know I couldn’t!

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