A ‘pink’ supermoon is set to light up the sky in a beautiful celebration of spring

Something that remains consistent in these uncertain times is the beauty of nature and one beautiful moment we should all look outside for is the first full moon of spring.

Reported to be the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year this beautiful sight will fill the sky with a bright and luminous light on April 7.

Also known as the Paschal full moon it will be visible after sunset and reach peak illumination at 10:35 P.M. EDT, according to Almanac.com.

A 'Pink Supermoon' Will Be Visible In The UK Next Week

Paschal comes from the Greek word for ‘Passover,’ chosen because this supermoon is the first full moon to take place after the Spring Equinox, on March 20.

The ‘pink supermoon’ isn’t named for its color but instead gets its name from a certain wildflower called “moss pink” which is native to North America and blooms in spring.

Rare supermoon will light up the sky

The moon will be its usual golden color near the horizon and fade to a bright white as it moves overhead, according to Almanac.com.

Compared to standard full moons, rare supermoons can appear between seven and 14 percent larger and up to 30 percent brighter, reported the Daily Mail.

Pink moss phlox, or “moss pink” /Almanac

“The best thing to do is to wait until after the sun has set and the sky is dark, find an unobstructed view of the sky, and weather permitting you should get to see a slightly brighter than usual full moon,” Tania Sales Marques, from the Royal Observatory said as per the Daily Mail, citing Newsweek.

“And if you’re thinking of taking a picture to mark the occasion, just be aware that you’ll need proper equipment, such as a camera with a long telephoto lens, as the moon captured on a phone will look more like a blob,” she added.

Stock Photograph (Credit: Unsplash)
Stock Photograph (Credit: Unsplash)

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