Doctors are shocked by the discovery in mom’s tummy – incredible phenomenon almost no woman experiences

Finding out that you are expecting a child is one of the he biggest event parents can experience.

If you have had children before, than you are already well aware of just how intense of an experience it is. But every birth is unique and different from the other – and that was certainly the case for the mother in the story below!

Delivering a baby is no doubt miraculous, but it can also be rather scary. That’s what makes mothers such incredible superheroes – they overcome extreme pain and discomfort to deliver life into the world. If that weren’t enough, they then care for their vulnerable child incessantly, making sure it is fed, changed and overall cared for. 

Now imagine all of that doubled – any mother of twins will surely tell you what hard work it is.

The chance of having twins is very slim, at just about 1-3 percent depending on what part of the world you’re from.

The mother in this story, from Spain, was not only blessed with twins – when her babies were being delivered through Caesarean section, something unbelievable happened – something that only happens once in 80,000 in births, to be exact.

The first twin was delivered normally… then the second baby was born in its amniotic sac.

Laying quite literally in fetus position the child can be seen making small movements from within the sac. You can even clearly see the blueish umbilical cord inside the bag.

Watch the incredible video below, which was shared on Facebook by Céu de Borboletas:

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