It Looks Like They Dragged Out A Big And Rotten Tree. But When You Zoom In… My Jaw Dropped To The Floor.

How long does it take to carve a masterpiece out of one single tree trunk? Well, for one Chinese sculptor it took four years to create this. This artwork have fascinated thousands of people over the whole world. It started out as a regular tree trunk, but the result is astonishing. I understand why this made it to Guinness World Records. Impressive!

For decades, China have a tradition of converting parts of timber into unbelievable sculptures with patterns and pictures. This tradition is still alive and this Chinese sculptor, Zheng Chunhui, have created a masterpiece out of a tree trunk.


It’s called “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” and is a replica of a famous Chinese painting from the Song dynasty, who ruled over 1000 years back. The huge wooden sculpture is 40 feet long.


The tree trunk contains detailed engraving which portray everyday life in age-old Chinese villages.


In the sculpture, there is buildings, bridges, and boats to illustrate the classic painting with a detailed 3D-effect. Wow!


Over 550 villagers have been carved in this unbelievable work of art.


Imagine all the work to get every little detail.


Impressive to do all this in just four years!



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