These just might be the world’s 14 most beautiful trees

The woods are lovely. They’re powerful, frightening, and fascinating at the same time, and they leave me with a feeling of tranquility that’s hard to beat.

I grew up near a forest and would often go deep into it just to get some inner peace and look at all the trees stretching their branches toward the sky. But the forest near my house was a typical pine forest.

So, I’m always completely mesmerized by trees that I can’t in my area.

Like these 14 trees, which are certainly among the world’s most beautiful.

Scroll down and enjoy!

1. A more than 120-year-old rhododendron in British Columbia, Canada

© Image Source: reddit

2. A more than 140-year-old Japanese wisteria in Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan

© Image Source:

3. Windswept trees shaped by the winds of Antarctica in Slope Point, New Zealand

© Image Source: flickr

4. A Japanese maple in Oregon

© Image Source: falcor88

5. An Antarctic beech tree draped in hanging moss in Oregon

© Image Source: Drew Hopper

6. Flowering cherry trees in Bonn, Germany

© Image Source: Adas Meliauskas

7. A more than 1,200-year-old oak in South Carolina

© Bildkälla: Daniela Duncan

8. A flamboyant tree in Brazil

© Image Source: Salete T Silva

9. Dragon’s Blood trees in Socotra, Yemen

© Image Source: Csilla Zelko

10. “The President,” the world’s third largest tree, located in California

© Image Source: Imgur

11. Maple tree tunnel in Oregon

© Image Source: Imgur

12. Rainbow Eucalyptus in Hawaii

© Image Source: jwilsonnorton

13. The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

© Image Source: Flickr

14. Baobab trees in Madagascar

© Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

It’s hard to believe that some of these trees are real; they’re so incredibly beautiful. Please share these pictures with your friends. Maybe these trees will inspire them to discover even more of the amazing plants and trees that grace our world.

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