109-Year-Old Woman Reveals The Secret To Her Long Life And It’s The Sweetest!

Nellie Wright, a 109-year-old British woman who’s never been married, let alone dated, has a sweet answer when asked about the secret to her longevity. She says it’s because she prefers Jelly Babies to men. “I’ve stayed away from men all my life,” Wright told the Yorkshire Post. “That’s my secret, no men. And living off Jelly Babies—I eat a packet a day.”  

While it’s possible Nellie has found the secret to long life in the soft center of her favorite candy, you might consider this before breaking up with your partner and heading for the candy aisle. That’s not the only reason Nellie thinks she’s lived such a long, healthy life.

At her recent birthday party, Nellie also credited her longevity to being a walker and a life-long hiker. She added that it’s been “marvelous” to have made it this far and said she’s had “a wonderful life.”


Nellie 1

According to the director of her retirement home, Nellie has a sharp mind and loves sharing stories. And that one about never being married or having a boyfriend? The director confirmed that it’s true.

And now, Nellie has one more story in her collection: the one about the time the Queen sent her a message on her 109th birthday!


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