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14 Years After A Damaging Fire Rescue, Patrick Finally Gets A New Face.

14 years ago, American volunteer firefighter Patrick Hardison was severely burnt during a fire rescue operation in Senatobia, USA. The massive fire rendered Patrick nearly blind and burnt him on several parts of his body – including his face.

In 2001, volunteer fireman Patrick Hardison was on the scene of a severe fire in Senatobia, USA. As he attempted to rescue a woman from the burning building, the roof collapsed and he was severely burnt.

This is Patrick, prior to the tragedy.

Patrick suffered third degree burns on his head, neck, and stomach. As you see below, he was completely disfigured.

One year ago, the 41-year-old received a new face in a groundbreaking surgery. A massive team of 100 doctors and nurses participated in the operation which began its first stages on August 14, 2015.

The incredibly challenging operation, described as the most extensive face transplant ever, lasted 26 hours and ended successfully. It was hailed as a great success by plastic surgeons in several parts of the world.

It’s “a historic achievement,” Dr. Amir Dorafshar, co-director of the face transplant program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine told AP at the time. “This type of treatment option will potentially revolutionize the care of patients with severe facial burn injuries.”

Patrick’s new face was donated by New York artist and competitive cyclist, David P. Rodebaugh, who tragically passed away following a bicycle accident in New York.

Patrick Hardison says he is extremely grateful to the doctors who conducted the difficult operation.

“They have given me more than a new face. They have given me a new life,” he told BBC.

Before the difficult surgery, for which doctors predicted had a 50/50 chance at being successful, Patrick was almost blind due to the burns he’d suffered. Following the operation, he is expected to regain his vision. Patrick revealed in an interview what he was looking forward to most: “To be able to drive a car again,” he said.

One year later, Patrick is doing just fine! I am so happy to see him recovered and back to as normal a life as possible.

“Now I’m just the average guy walking down the street,” Hardison told CBS. “People — they can look at me and tell something’s happened, but they would never look at me and think that I’d had a face transplant.”

Watch the emotional video about Patrick’s face transplant below:

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