15-year-old grabs the mic – his first note leaves entire crowd in awe

I think one of the highlights of any sporting event is the opening when we get to watch and listen to someone sing the national anthem. Few songs in the world can give me goosebumps like the Star Spangled banner does.

In a certain way, it almost doesn’t matter who is singing it — the powerful song takes over all my senses every time I hear it. Of course, the more talented one is to sing it, the better.

Such as young 15-year-old Sam Keith.

But nevermind his age. The sophomore football player, singer and actor, sounds more like a professional opera singer!

Watch him in the video below as he gets pulled from Nashoba Regional High School’s Pre-Game Warm-up’s to sing the national anthem.


I was so glad to learn that Sam has continued his passion for voice and acting and is currently attending University of Cincinnati as a Musical Theater Major, part of class 2021.

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