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17-year-old injected heroin every day – 4 years later, she’s drug-free and her transformation is complete

Heroin and methamphetamines have destroyed countless lives. But for some fortunate people, life sends them clear signs that they need to make a change before it’s too late.

Drugs were destroying the life of a young woman named Dejah Hall. Then after taking heroin and meth daily for years, something happened that made her stop. Now four years later, the 26-year-old has completed the most stunning transformation I’ve ever seen.

Dejah Hall was just 17 when she started taking prescription pills. She had a tough time at home, so when a friend offered her some pills at a party, Dejah tried them without hesitation.

Dejah’s life went rapidly downhill from there. She took prescription tablets every day for several years. But in her twenties, Dejah had had enough and tried to quit. She visited a methadone clinic, but when a loved one died, Dejah missed several appointments at the clinic.

Facebook / Dejah Hall

Dejah stopped taking pills, but her withdrawal symptoms meant that she vomited and shook violently, she told the Daily Mail. Her life should have improved, but instead, everything became worse. A friend offered Dejah heroin to ease her pain, and Dejah was soon addicted.

“I couldn’t stop. All I wanted to do was numb myself. I wanted it so desperately that nothing else mattered. Every minute of the day I just wanted to get high,” she says.

After using heroin for a while, she turned to methamphetamines and began surrounding herself with other addicts.

“I was a monster in every way. I didn’t care who I hurt—I didn’t care about anything anymore. I didn’t have anyone else or family to look to at that point,” she says.

Facebook / Dejah Hall

In 2012, things got really bad. Dejah weighed only 95 pounds (43 kg) and death wasn’t far away—until a meeting with a loved one changed her life forever.

Dejah went to visit her grandfather, who was frail and in a wheelchair. His great love opened her eyes. And Dejah finally realized that she didn’t want to be the person she was anymore. But just a few hours after the meeting, Dejah was arrested and sent to jail for drug possession. It was a wake-up call that lead Dejah to turn her life around.

“I quit cold turkey in jail. I had a choice—you can still get drugs in jail—but I was done,” she says.

Today, Dejah is 26 years old and has been clean for four years. Not only has she undergone an incredible transformation, she is also the proud mother of a beautiful little daughter.

Facebook / Dejah Hall
Facebook / Dejah Hall

It’s never too late to make a change, no matter how hopeless it may seem. Please share Dejah’s story to inspire others.

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