2 Bikers Stop Beside A Woman’s Car And Yell At Her To Get Out Before It Catches Fire.

Everyone knows that driving can be dangerous. Anything can happen and it’s not just you you have to worry about, either. Many people lack their usual sense when the get behind the wheel, and can be aggressive and ruthless on the road. But it’s also clear—even while driving in heavy traffic—that some people will do whatever they can for others. In the video below, two bikers see something wrong with a woman’s car, pull up beside her, and ask her to get out of her car. And it’s very fortunate that they did!

While the woman was out driving, she ended up behind a truck. She thought she saw something fly out of the back of the truck but didn’t think much about it and drove on.

When the GoPro footage starts in the video below, we see two bikers from Nashville, Tennessee pull up beside the woman. She stops at a traffic light and they pull up beside her and ask her to roll down her window. One of the bikers tells her that there’s a piece of cardboard under her car, which she tells them came from the truck.

They agree to meet at a parking lot to pull off the piece of cardboard because the bikers can smell smoke.

But before the light even has a chance to turn greet, one of the bikers suddenly yells, “Ma’am, time to get out of your car!”

It all goes very fast. The woman gets out of her car and you see a piece of cardboard on fire under her car. A helpful motorist stops beside them and asks if they need help, but they have everything under control.

Who knows what would have happened if the bikers hadn’t seen the burning cardboard. The car might not have exploded in flames and while the driver may have survived, her car would unlikely have fared well. In any case, what’s certain is that it’s always worth stopping to help our fellow commuters.

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