80-Year-Old Asked Granddaughter To Do Her Makeup. Now The Result Is Amazing The Whole World.

When 80-year-old Livia asked her granddaughter for a makeover, she didn’t expect to become an Internet sensation—but that’s exactly what happened. Her granddaughter is makeup artist Tea Flego, who wanted show people how makeup can make someone look 20 years younger. But what was supposed to be a showcase of her talents quickly became a heartwarming sign of the special bond between granddaughter and grandmother. Nowadays, grandmother Livia is an Internet celebrity and brilliant proof that age doesn’t need to limit us. Check out the amazing pictures below.

80-year-old Livia’s only wish was to look fresher. So her granddaughter started with makeup…

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And in just a few days, pictures of the grandmother spread like wildfire across social media.

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“I love my grandma,” says makeup artist Tea Flego.

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“And being in a nursing home and getting information about reactions all over the world means a lot for her.”

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Now Livia is enjoying the attention she’s received because of her granddaughter. And she’s returning the favor by help her granddaughter get more Instagram followers.

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How great is Livia? And what a wonderful relationship she and her granddaughter have! Share these pictures if they also gave you a smile.

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