85-Year-Old Hero Hit By Drunk Driver As He Pushes His Wife Out Of Harm’s Way.

“Grandpa pushed grandma out of the way before getting run over by some moron in a van,” Reddit user SpoonHandle wrote on the website recently. And it’s true. His grandfather, Max Green, 85, bravely risked his life to save wife, Nathalene, 83, when a drunk driver barrelled into the couple as they were crossing the street.

Eight-five-year-old Max Green was crossing Main Street in Pima, Arizona with his wife Nathalene, 83, when a drunk driver drove his van into the elderly couple. And in an act of sheer heroism, Max pushed his wife out of harm’s way and took the brunt of the hit himself. Max was struck by the front of the van before being flung headfirst into the windshield.

According to SpoonHandle, “Once she [grandma] got up, she thought he was dead. When we got the phone call, we couldn’t believe what had happened and all thought we’d lost Grandpa.”

Luckily, there were many witnesses around and authorities were quickly notified. The driver was arrested and booked into the Graham County Jail on charges of aggravated assault, DUI, and open container charges. And Max and Nathalene were brought to a local hospital.

Because of Max’s bravery, Nathalene was barely injured and was quickly released. Her courageous husband, on the other hand, was injured so badly that he had to be flown to Banner-University Medical Center in Tucson.

The man, whom everyone at the hospital called “The Hero” suffered multiple broken vertebrae in his neck and back, a broken hip, broken ribs, a broken leg, and broken fingers on his right hand.

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