A Jacuzzi and three-course dinners – no wonder this retirement home is being hailed one of the best

Residents at one retirement home must have been counting their lucky stars on the day they arrived – as they were greeted by the offer of three-course meals and a Jacuzzi.

The home – called King Light, in Sweden – offers these luxuries to all its occupants and, unsurprisingly, has been named as one of the top five nursing homes in Sweden. 

The home in the Swedish city of Borlänge has been involved in the competition Senior White Guide, where elderly accommodation centres fight for the title “Best Supernova”.

“We are very proud of what we have accomplished,” Mari Hedlund, Acting Head of Unit at the Royal Light told local press SVT Dalarna .

Since 2013, King Light focused on improving the environment for the elderly. And it has been called a luxury nursing home, featuring great bonuses such as sauna and hot tub for the elderly.

I think all of our seniors in nursing homes deserve whirlpool and three-course dinner! Please share if you agree

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