Babysitter caught on camera appearing to repeatedly hit 20-month-old in the face

It’s hard for every parent to place their trust in a complete stranger to take care of their children while they work.

For one Ohio couple they had to hire a babysitter to take care of their 20-month-old baby girl when they returned to work.

But over the course of 6 months their daughter showed some worrying signs. When the couple would pick her up after a day with the babysitter their child would cover her face.

So, the couple decided to install hidden cameras to find out what was going on and was shocked at what they saw.

Video showed the 20-month-old girl get up for a nap and try to get a look at what the sitter is watching on a phone. But the girl gets hit in the face.

Minutes after the first strike in the face, the toddler appears to be repeatedly hit but the child didn’t cry.

Now the parents are pressing charges against the 21-year-old sitter, who was hired six months ago.

‘No way for the parents to know’

Emmanuel Olawale of the Olawale Law Firm, told NBC News 8 the fact the child didn’t cry shows it’s probably been happening for a while.

“There’s no way for the parents to know or the baby to report it,” added Olawale.

The sitter has been arrested and charged in Franklin County with endangering a child and abuse, both misdemeanors, as per NBC News.

I hope this woman is never allowed near children again and this little girl soon forgets the trauma she’s been exposed to. Please share.