Beth Chapman’s memorial service to be livestreamed so fans around the world can attend

Two weeks after Beth Chapman died, it has been announced that a celebration of life will be livestreamed on and Dog’s Most Wanted Facebook page, according to The Wrap.

On June 30, her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman, announced a tentative date “to tuck her in, tell her goodnight, for she sleepeth.”

Now, the date and location have been confirmed, and the public is welcome to attend.

Beth, 51, died on June 26 from throat and lung cancer. Dog confirmed his wife’s death in an emotional tweet.

Following her death, a memorial service was held in Waikiki, Hawaii. The service, which was open to the public, was an opportunity for those to celebrate and honor Beth’s life.

Those who attended brought “ocean-friendly loose flowers” to toss into the ocean. She was “sent off in true Hawaiian style, with aloha,” Andrew Brettler, the family’s lawyer, told USA TODAY.

The couple split their time between Hawaii and Colorado, and Beth reportedly wanted to be remembered in Hawaii and the mainland.

The celebration of life, which will be held at Heritage Christian Center in Aurora, Colorado, is open to the public. Beth’s family has been working with law enforcement and local businesses to make sure the celebration of life will be accessible to anyone who wishes to attend.

Doors open at 1 p.m. on July 13, and the service begins at 2 p.m. Those who wish to attend, but are unable to make it to Aurora will be able to watch a live stream on and Dog’s Most Wanted Facebook page.

Rest in peace, Beth. You are certainly missed by all.

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