Chiefs fans filmed tackling possible Super Bowl parade shooter: ‘Catch this guy, tackle him’

Two Kansas City Chiefs fans are speaking out after they were caught on film tackling a potential suspect in the shooting that injured 22 and killed one during the team’s victory celebration.

“It was just a reaction. He was running against [the flow of people] … the wrong way and there was another gentleman screaming out of the top of his lungs, ‘catch this guy, tackle him.'” Paul Contreras told Today.

Contreras claims his action was nothing more than a “reaction” to the situation.

Contreras, who was at the event with his three daughters, was heading back to his car when chaos struck.

After gunshots rang out, he noticed a person running against the flow of people. He then heard someone yell, “Catch this guy, tackle him.”

“He got close to me, I got the right angle on him. And when I hit him from behind, I either jarred the gun out of his hand or out of his sleeve. … I see the gun on the ground,” Contreras said in an interview with CNN.

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – FEBRUARY 14: A general view of Kansas City Chiefs fans gathered at Union Station during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII victory parade on February 14, 2024 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Another Chiefs fan, identified as Trey Filter, recognized the seriousness of the situation and joined in.

“I literally remember when I was tackling him, ‘I sure hope this is who they were yelling at me to get.’ Because I just went, ‘Boom!’ … I really don’t recall seeing him coming.”

In a now viral video, the Chiefs fans can be seen reportedly taking down one of three people who were detained by police in connection to the shooting.

Filter described squeezing the possible suspect “so hard, he might have been passed out all the time.”

As the fans continued to hold the person waiting for police to arrive, Filter said, “I was just yelling, ‘F your gun!’ and I was just hitting him in his ribs. It was great. You know, America stuff.”

It’s incredibly sad that we now have to add victory parades to the list of places where we have to worry about a mass shooting. When will this stop?


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