Clever grandpa gets harassed by bikers – but his revenge is priceless

Clever grandpa gets harassed by bikers – but his revenge is priceless

You should never mess with older folk. You can bet they have plenty of life experiences and wisdom — and they should be respected after serving society for such a long time.

While younger people may try to throw their weight around older folk, they often forget that experience and wisdom offer a huge advantage — and always win in the end. This story is one of my favorites.

An 71 year old man is quietly sitting having a meal in a roadside diner when three leather-clad bikers enter.

The first biker walks up to the old man, puts his cigarette out in his apple pie, and then walks off to sit down at a table in the corner of the diner.

The second biker clears his throat, walks up to the old man, drops a disgusting glob of spit into the man’s coffee, and then goes over to the corner to join his biker pal.

The third biker threateningly walks up to the old man, picks up his plate, throws it on the floor, and then walks over to the others with a grin.

The individuals featured in this image are completely unrelated to this fictional story. Source: Flickr

Without saying a word, the old man gets up and leaves the diner.

“Hehe, that old geezer isn’t much of a man, is he?” says one of the bikers to the waitress.

The waitress then replies, “He also isn’t much of a truck driver, seeing as how he backed over three motorcycles in the parking lot just now.”

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