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Barbers push worker with Down syndrome to look at wall– seconds later their secret is revealed

Some moments contain so much kindness – that as you’re watching them, you can feel your soul coming alive.

That’s precisely how the moment shared in the video below made me feel.

In it, we watch as a group of young men working at a barber shop decide to surprise one of their colleagues: a gentleman with special needs.

One of his colleagues leads him towards a wall in the salon and points at a poster hanging on it. “What does it say? Go on, read it,” they encourage him to take a closer look.

Soon, the young man with special needs discovers that he is Employee of the Month.

His colleagues proceed to congratulate and praise him in the most tender way I think I have ever seen men manifest!

“When this barber shop recognizes him as employee of the month, it means so much more. They value him. They care about him. So much beauty in this moment,” writes popular Facebook page Love What Matters, whom posted the very popular clip.

And we couldn’t agree more.

*NOTE: please allow a few seconds for the video to load.

We were so moved by this barber shop’s gesture and how they decided to show their colleague how much they valued him. Share this clip if you agree this is a truly beautiful moment.

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