County Sheriff pins new deputy son at police graduation

County Sheriff pins new deputy son at police graduation

In my opinion, service men and women have every right to be extremely proud about what they do.

Dedicating your life to improving or safeguarding the lives of others isn’t an easy task – sometimes it can be thankless indeed – but there remain people all over the country who go to work each day for the betterment of the general population.

County Sheriff Craig Mast, of Allendale, Michigan is one of those people. What’s more, his son now is too, having received his badge in preparation to start working as a law enforcement officer in another county.

And the best part about it all? Sheriff Mast was the one to pin the badge on his son at a recent Grand Valley State University Police Academy graduation ceremony …

According to reports, it’s common practise for a police chief or sheriff to personally ‘pin’ the new law enforcement officer they’re hiring.

Yet when Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Kempker was getting ready for a Police Academy graduation ceremony earlier this month, he spotted the chance to do something that will live long in the memories of those involved.

He extended the honor of pinning the badge on Deputy Mitchell Mast to his father, who is Sheriff in Oceana County.

Needless to say, Sheriff Craig Mast was delighted. He said of his son:

“Mitchell has grown up in a law enforcement family. He knows what it’s like to have a dad go to work for twelve hours, and miss different life events. I worked nightshift for my first fourteen years, which is most of Mitchell’s childhood; he knows what nightshift is about.

“I’m glad Mitchell will be working for a very progressive sheriff’s office that is doing great things for their citizens and visitors.”

Deputy Mast graduated from Hart High School, Michigan in 2018, before achieving a bachelor’s degree of science in law enforcement from Grand Valley State University.

He is due to report for his first day of duty today!

I can only imagine how proud the Mast family must be at having not one, but two of their members working in law enforcement.

What a touching gesture for Sheriff Craig Mast to be able to officially welcome his son to the job!

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