Doctor Accompanies His Special-Needs Patient To Her Senior Prom.

Graduation may mark the formal end of high school, but the prom is perhaps an even more memorable capstone to thirteen years of education. And who can forget the festivities and the beautifully dressed students celebrating their upcoming graduation together? Whether you have a date or go with a group of friends, prom night is the last time before graduation that the whole senior class comes together—and that includes students with special needs. Special needs students also deserve to show off their fine evening wear for their parents and then head to the prom and hit the dance floor. One such student is Paige Walls, from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, who had the perfect date in mind when she prepared for her school’s big gala evening recently…

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As an infant, Paige suffered a series of seizures that made her parents, Mona and Charles, extremely worried. They took their daughter to a doctor to determine the cause, but the hospital told them not to worry. They assured Charles and Mona that there was nothing wrong and that they were just overly anxious first-time parents.

But ultimately, parents did receive a diagnosis after a doctor saw Paige’s seizures firsthand. Paige was diagnosed with Rett syndrome, a rare brain disorder. The syndrome occurs predominantly in girls and usually appears when they are 6-18 months old. Before that, a child’s development seems normal, which is perhaps why Paige’s first doctors didn’t notice the syndrome.

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But despite her severe disability, Paige progressed through school with flying colors. And when it came time for her prom, she was determined to get there. She bought an elegant, peacock-inspired dress at a local clothing store and prepared for the night of her life. And as for a date, she wanted to take her father, who has been an incredible support to her for her entire life.

But unfortunately, Paige’s dad works the late shift and couldn’t get time off. Luckily, though, Paige and her mom had the perfect backup plan in mind.

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Together, they wrote a note to the doctor who helped diagnosed Paige when she was just a baby. The doctor, James A. Lewis, has spent the last 18 years ensuring that Paige gets the care she needs to live a happy life. So of course, he was happy when he received the offer, and he immediately said yes!

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Friends of the family describe Dr. James A. Lewis as much more than a doctor. He has also been an adviser, friend, and support to the family throughout Paige’s upbringing.

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Doctor Lewis is a bit like a grandfather in Paige’s eyes. But you can also see him as a prince because he actually helped save Paige’s life. Anyway, the two were a very handsome couple!

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Paige’s mom was also at her beloved princess Paige’s ball. When all the festivities and emotions subsided, friends of the family couldn’t help but talk about Paige’s story on Facebook, and tributes poured in. I can only agree—I was absolutely touched by Paige’s story.

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