Doctor Warns Parents About The Dangers Of Tooth Decay.

It’s no secret that the large quantity of sugar in the food and beverages we consume is bad for our health. It not only puts us at risk for developing cardiovascular disease, it also leads to obesity. And for this reason, communities around the world are discussing the pros and cons of introducing a so-called sugar tax to overcome the problems of high sugar diets. But obesity and cardiovascular disease aren’t the only dangers that come from consuming a large quantity of sugar. Our children’s teeth are also at risk. And after witnessing a particularly serious case involving a 3-year-old boy in New Zealand, one doctor is making an important plea to parents.

In March, a 3-year-old boy in New Zealand underwent serious oral surgery. His doctor extracted no fewer than 11 teeth from the boy’s mouth due to his enormous intake of sugar.

Because the boy had been drinking large amounts of soda, Dr. Robert Beaglehole had no choice but to pull the boy’s cavity-infested teeth. And in one year alone, Dr. Beaglehole pulled a whopping 60 teeth from children suffering from similar problems. But the problem isn’t restricted to New Zealand.

In parts of the United States, tooth decay is so prevalent, it has a name: “Mountain Dew Mouth.” 

For this reason, doctors are now calling on parents to ensure that children brush their teeth and floss every day, and regularly get their teeth checked by a dentist.

In addition, Dr. Robert Beaglehole and The New Zealand Dental Association are suggesting that parents completely stop giving their children soda and give them water and milk to drink instead.

And remember, just because a food or drink is labeled “sugar-free,” doesn’t mean it’s good for your teeth.

You may already know this important information, but remember that new parents may not. So please share this article so that no more children have to suffer from severe cavities!

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